Early Sunday Reads

Happy Sunday, Folks! Well, it may be afternoon or early evening reading for you. Living in the Hawaiian time zone has its limitations but it's Hawaii, no complaining here.

I happened to stumble upon some great reads and links this week and thought to share. Now, that I'm off the monster that Facebook has become, I'll post some of my favorite reads of the weekend here.

this young hacker knows he wants to be happy when he grows up

a lesson in turning an unfortunate technical situation into a great lesson learned

these 10 on 10 will bring you back for more

a very scary reality of living abroad

in a dating rut, you may just need a little anticipation or some great ideas and deals .

a big parenting don't in my book 

Hope your relaxing easy this Sunday!


  1. i don't have kids, but that whole shaming thing really is not cool. there are other ways of teaching a child not to do things.

    i've been wanting to blog more and that 10 on 10 sounds pretty sweet.

  2. cool....will check a few of these out...that date site is pretty cool wish it was in my area...

  3. The public shaming just kills me! Good list of links! Stacey's ten on ten are gorgeous!


Thank you.