Five on Five

As they sleep...

I savor my sips of morning coffee...

admire these two lovelies...

and nuture the garden.

I'm sharing these five little snippets of my mornings as part of a project that my friend Naomi asked me to be a part of...thank you, friend. Please follow along our blog circle and see what this talented lady, Erin, has created for our collaboration. 


  1. Love these friend! So fun to see these snippets of your day. So glad you could join. And im a titch envious of all that green and garden!

  2. Really beautiful. What a lovely, serene morning. And I absolutely love the way you process your images.

  3. Beautiful and so peaceful!! Lovely. (I think it might be funny to take pictures of my own mornings... but I don't think they'd have a serene feeling like yours ;)

  4. love how you gave us a little glimpse into your morning. Great idea!
    I like your two little lovelies...

  5. i love the flow of this! so peaceful! i love the garden! i've been thinking about cute pots like that instead of in-ground. =)

  6. I love the simplicity of these photos. And I would like to snatch your two little potted plants on the table. :)

  7. oh no...coffee cup is almost empty...not a good sign....smiles...
    cool little glimpses....

  8. Love it. I should document what I do when my kids are sleeping (it'd be at night since they are up at the crack of dawn! ;))
    (And I'm still annoyed at myself that I didn't clue in you lived in Hawaii when I was there!!! You were just classified in my mind as far away somewhere tropical! HA! )

    1. Funny, I guess I do a great job of providing a little dose of escape.


Thank you.