Just a Few Words

Hello friends, 

I've decided to say goodbye to this space. Shocker! Not really, since I seldom visit this space anymore. I wrote to my friend some of my reasons why and here's part of my letter to her.

"When the blog started, I was a mom of such little ones, alone for the most part, raising my babies while Noel was away with work. It provided me such joy to create my content and know that I was not alone in my thoughts about raising toddlers, both the joys and pains of it all. My purpose was to find like-minded moms that could share in those moments with me and I did. I found you, Stacey, Tracy, Michelle, Heather, Karli, and so many others. I will always be grateful for that. 

We as a family have evolved. I have evolved and just don't see myself sharing the trials and tribulations of raising school age/teenage children. Hopefully, I'll find something else to blog about. However, my thoughts on motherhood have become more private for several reasons. As the kids are becoming older, I can see that they want their privacy and I have to respect that. My son especially doesn't want me to share my thoughts about anything about him on the web. I get it. He wants to live his life on his terms and I'm sure that the girls will feel similarly as they get older."

So you see, Lizabee & Co. cannot exist without her company and they have no interest to be the subject of my writing and photographing anymore. They are growing and cringe at the thought of being exposed to my friends on and off the web. 

Sadly, I will no longer be on this space anymore. Maybe I'll find something new to talk about; topics much more relevant to this stage of my life. If I do, you'll be the first to know.

So long,

Liza B.


  1. i've lacked a lot, too, especially that we gave up on internet at home. internet on my phone isn't the same when blogging. the linked 52 brought me great and wise women, you are one of them! hope to see you still on IG! :)

  2. You sure will! But, how did you give up internet at home? We gave up cable instead.

    1. We have neither. I was able to give up Internet bc I'm not taking online classes n what I do is doable on my iPhone (FB n IG n email). I save $90/mth (I had landline with).


Thank you.